Service TSWA eLearning (SE-P-86200)



This training supports the end users to understand the TSWA program, requirements and the responsibilities of the roles involved.


When the training is completed the participants will have gained the following:
  • - TSWA process flow starting with the task request and up to the final approval of personnel on site
  • - Tasks within and out of TSWA scope
  • - Main roles & their responsibilities
  • - TSWA program documentation (forms, certificates, work instructions)
  • - TSWA documentation master database
  • - TSWA minimum training requirements
  • - Registration of certificates and approved personnel
  • - Apply TSWA program forms
  • - Find TSWA program documentation
  • - Identify the sequence of TSWA process flows
  • - Understand TSWA person role
  • - Understand the responsibilities of Certified Appointed Person (CAP)
  • - Understand the responsibilities of Certified Appointed Person Responsible (CAP R)


Task Specific Work Approval (TSWA) is an educational program for personnel approving them to perform specific tasks in the turbine. TSWA program does not replace the formal training but serves as an add-on to the formal training ensuring on job experience and verification.

Who should attend?

The training is valuable for the following roles in the organization: TSWA coordinator, TSWA person, CAP, CAP Responsible, Competence Committee members, TSWA candidate, CAP candidate, CAP Responsible candidate, Site manager, Site lead, Site planner, Country manager, Site supervisor, Operations manager, Installation lead, Resource manager, Resource coordinator, and Individuals requesting a specific task to be approved for TSWA program


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Course duration

50  minutes



Cancellation fee

0 percent of course fee after 0 days before the start of course.

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