Service WTCF eLearning (SE-P-86250)



Training is built up to support the end users to understand Service WTCF concept and requirements.


Wind Technician Competence Framework (WTCF) is a competence program for personnel working in or with Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbine Generators.


When the training is completed the participants will have gained the following:
  • - WTCF definition
  • - WTCF profiles, responsibilities & authorizations
  • - Team set up
  • - Training catalogues
  • - Job profile training requirements
  • - On job Competence approval: sequence and roles involved
  • - Competence Committee org. structure and responsibilities
  • - Competent Person (CP), Appointed Person (AP) and Appointed Person Trainer (APT) roles
  • - Personnel accreditation requirements
  • - WTCF documentation
  • - Requirements for offering and selling the training
  • - Find WTCF documents
  • - Understand the framework content
  • - Able to recognize the profile responsibilities and limit of work authorizations
  • - Apply the training colour codes
  • - Create the training package for job profiles
  • - Create the working team and identify the lead person per working team
  • - Aware of Competence Committee structure
  • - Understand the responsibilities and duties of Competent Person, Appointed Person and Appointed Person Trainer
  • - Recognize the competence approval process steps and requirements
  • - Understand the requirements of personnel shifting from Level 7 status to the job profile
  • - Fill out the certificate templates for CP, AP, APT certification

< b> Theory / Practice
100 / 0%

Who should attend?

Recommended for Maintenance technicians and up, AP, APT, Site Leads.


No Expiry

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Course duration

50  minutes



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