TMSE Competent Person – installation and inspection (SE-P-02502)


The aim of this course is to qualify the participant to be a Competent Person for installation, maintenance and periodical inspection of Turbine Mounted Safety Equipment (TMSE) according to international standards and national legal requirements. This includes WTG, assembling areas and training centers.


Upon completion of the course, the participants have obtained knowledge about:
  • - International Safety Standards
  • - Legislation
  • - Manufacturers' manuals, work instructions (ZWI) and checklists (ZCH)
  • - Risks and hazards of dropping objects related to installation and inspection of TMSE, and how to mitigate it
Upon completion of the course, the participants are able to:
  • - Miller Falcon Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL)
  • - Siemens Gamesa Rescue kit with Basket Stretcher and Spec Pak Rescue kit
  • - Skylotec Seal Pac (Milan)
  • - Immersion Suits for evacuation
Install, inspect, maintain and replace broken parts on:
  • - ICM vertical fall protection system
  • - Sala Lad-Saf fall protection system
  • - Söll GlideLoc fall protection system
  • - Avanti and Stilo ladders
Install (fit and replace) and inspect SGRE TMSE anchor points
Use washers and mechanical (non-electrical) torque wrenches correctly in accordance with safety and technical instructions in SGRE manuals
Use current and matching work instructions (ZWI) and inspection checklists (ZCH) as well as up to date manufacturer's installation manuals
Upon completion of the course, the participants have obtained the following competencies:
  • - Competent Person - ICM vertical fall protection system
  • - Competent Person - Sala Lad-Saf fall protection system
  • - Competent Person - Söll GlideLoc fall protection system
  • - Competent Person - Avanti and Stilo ladders
  • - Competent Person - Miller Falcon Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL)
  • - Competent Person - Siemens Gamesa Rescue kit, Basket stretcher, Spec Pak
  • - Competent Person - Anchor Points used in Siemens Gamesa WTG and WTG environment (assembly and training)
  • - Competent Person - Skylotec Seal Pac (Milan)
  • - Competent Person - Immersion Suit, for evacuation


Theory / Practice
50% / 50%

Who should attend?

The course is intended for personnel who have to install, inspect, maintain or replace parts of turbine mounted safety equipment; systems and/or products mentioned in the Competencies section.


Recommended prerequisites:
Due to the nature of the content and the learning purpose it is recommended that the participant has the competence acquired on the following, prior to course commencement:
  • - To pass the course, participants will need to be able to read, understand and speak technical English. If this is not the case, please contact your local Training Center.
  • - GWO BST Working at Heights or equivalent
  • - Local relevant wind turbine related work experience
  • - SE-P-50410 GWO BTT Mechanical or SE-P-06100 Bolt Torque and Tension

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24 months

Course duration

2  days



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Course dates

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Contact person:

Siemens Wind Service Training Center


Siemens Wind Service Training Center
7415 Emerald Dunes Drive, Suite 100
FL 32822 Orlando
United States of America