GWO ART Hub, Spinner & inside Blade (SE-P-50165)


The aim of the course is to enable the delegates to perform rescue operations inside a WTG hub, spinner and blade, in teams, by using industry standard rescue equipment, methods and techniques, exceeding those of GWO Working at Height.


Upon completion of the course the delegates must be able to:
  • - Assess and determine rescue strategy (relevant rescue method, technique, certified equipment, and required personnel) for various rescue scenarios in a WTG hub, spinner and inside a blade
  • - Assess and determine evacuation strategy during a rescue operation, attending to a clear and preferred evacuation route for the injured person outside or inside the tower
  • - Apply rescue methods and techniques in performing descending and ascending rescue operations, from a WTG hub, spinner and inside a blade
  • - Apply cervical collar, rescue stretcher, spine board, and manually driven lowering/raising rescue system (rescue device, pulley system or similar)
  • - Perform clear and precise communication during the rescue operation, and apply guidance to other emergency responders coordinating the handover of an injured person
  • - Explain and control common risks of hazardous energies and common hazards of enclosed space areas, when performing rescue operations in a WTG

Theory / Practice
15% / 85%

Who should attend?

The course is intended for personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields and will have their duties in a wind turbine environment.
Personnel that may need or is selected to perform advanced rescue or lead an advanced rescue operation, where training according to one or more modules of the GWO Advanced Rescue Training may mitigate the identified risks.
The course is applicable for SGRE Employees working in SGRE WTG Zone 2, 2A and 4 - according to current Rescue Preparedness Procedures.


Valid GWO BST Working at Heights
Valid GWO BST Manual Handling
Valid GWO BST First Aid OR American Heart Association OR American Red Cross Or Canadian Red Cross OR St. Johns Ambulance
Delegates must be physically and medically fit and capable of fully participating in the training
Personal weight limit fully equipped max. 136 kg /299,8 lbs (incl. all PPE, equipment, clothing, etc.)


24 months

Course duration

3  days



Export control

AL-Number: N

Course dates

The following dates are available
Sorry, currently no course events are available.

Contact person:

Siemens Wind Service Training Center


Siemens Wind Service Training Center
7415 Emerald Dunes Drive, Suite 100
FL 32822 Orlando
United States of America