Sea Survival COVID-19 Extension 2 for G4 (SE-P-COVG4)



This training package is designed to mitigate potential skill fade caused by COVID-19 of the learning objectives achieved by attending GWO Sea Survival.


The purpose of COVID-19 Extension 2 for Sea Survival Siemens Gamesa Supplement is to ensure that all technicians working offshore on Siemens Gamesa Turbines are aware of and practice the correct procedures.

Part I -30 min
The module is part of the learning package to ensure that technicians working offshore are reminded about the importance of correct use of immersive suits. Also a refresher on the Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems and Search and Rescue procedures.

Part II -20 min
This module is included to refresh needed skills to conduct safe transfer of the technicians themselves and equipment between dock and vessel and WTG and vessel.

Part III -30 min
eLearning and aware of and practice the correct procedure knowledge of transfer between Crew Transfer Vessels and Wind Turbine Generator Transition Pieces. The goal is Zero Harm, to prevent accidents due to incorrect transfer. This module will stress the importance of correct Personal Protection Equipment which will be the harness and frog connector.

Theory / Practice
1000% / 0%

Who should attend?

All holding a GWO Sea Survival qualification which is expiring between March 15th 2020 and June 1st 2020. Or has a valid COVID-19 extension 1Q Sea survival


Valid GWO Sea Survival or COVID-19 extension 1Q Sea Survival


120 days

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Course duration

80  minutes



Cancellation fee

0 percent of course fee after 0 days before the start of course.

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