Training Centre Brande

  No. Type Title   Price  
  SE-DK-GWO GWO BST Package  
  SE-DK-GWO REF GWO BST Refresher Package  
  SE-DK-GWO_ART GWO Advanced Rescue Training Combined  
  SE-DK-GWO_ARTR GWO Advanced Rescue Training Refresher Combined  
SE-P-00125 Rescue-Up Offshore    
SE-P-02502 TMSE Competent Person – installation and inspection    
SE-P-02550 Competent Person Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE)    
SE-P-04735 Helicopter Underwater Escape Training with OPITO CA-EBS    
SE-P-42675 OPITO Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)    
SE-P-50010 GWO BST First Aid    
SE-P-50020 GWO BST Manual Handling    
SE-P-50030 GWO BST Fire Awareness    
SE-P-50040 GWO BST Working at Heights    
SE-P-50050 GWO BST Sea Survival    
SE-P-50210 GWO BST First Aid Refresher    
SE-P-50240 GWO BST Working at Heights Refresher    
SE-P-50250 GWO BST Sea Survival Refresher    
SE-P-50301 GWO BSTR-P First Aid Refresher Partial    
SE-P-50302 GWO BSTR-P Manual Handling Refresher Partial    
SE-P-50303 GWO BSTR-P Fire Awareness Refresher Partial    
SE-P-50304 GWO BSTR-P Working at Heights Refresher Partial