Training Centre Hull

  No. Type Title   Price  
  P-UK-CT SGDD Commissioning and Troubleshooting (C&T) Siemens Direct Drive Package  
  P-UK-CT SGGD Commissioning and Troubleshooting (C&T) Siemens Geared Package  
  P-UK-TPT_CSDL7 TPT Core, Siemens Direct Drive & LOTO Family 7 Package  
  P-UK-TPT_CSGL10 TPT Core, Siemens Geared Drive & LOTO Family 10 Package  
SE-P-07870 G2/G4 ABB ACS-880 Practical Training    
SE-P-08450 ODI D6/D7 Operation during installation    
SE-P-08586 D6 / D7 Commissioning & Troubleshooting    
SE-P-08588 Commissioning & Fundamental Troubleshooting & Motors and Generators    
SE-P-08598 Commissioning & Troubleshooting of the SICS Turbine Controller    
SE-P-08599 Commissioning & Troubleshooting Siemens Geared WTC3 Controller    
SE-P-08930 Commissioning and Troubleshooting Siemens Geared Technology Platform    
SE-P-09840 Technical Product Training Basic (TPT - B)    
SE-P-09842 Technical Product Training Core (TPT - C)    
SE-P-09844 Technical Product Training Siemens Geared Platform (TPT SG Platform)    
SE-P-09846 Technical Product Training Direct Drive Platform (TPT DD Platform)    
SE-P-09854 TPT LOTO Training Family 10    
SE-P-09858 TPT LOTO Training Family 7    
SE-P-09900 Commissioning and Troubleshooting Core Course